Just One Night - Nathan King
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Last First Kiss - Nathan King
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I Don't Drink Like I Used To - Nathan King
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Wild - Nathan King
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Movin' On - Nathan King
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Redneck - Nathan King
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  • was #32 on the Top 150 Independent DRT Music Charts

  • was #43 on the Country Top 50 DRT Music Charts

  • was #119 on the Global Top 200 DRT Music Charts

  • was #6 on 365 Radio Top 30

  • was #27 on the Euro Indie Charts

  • #1 multiple weeks in a row on Spectrum Radio (UK)

  • #1 music video on Indie Cast TV for 10 months in a row

  • Album "All Eyes On You" receiving over 167,628 streams

  • Has performed with Lonestar, Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore, Colt Ford, Bucky Covington, and others.

  • Won 2017 IndieVille TV Awards (Nashville) for Best Country Album

  • Won 2017 Pittsburgh Music Awards for Best Singer/Songwriter

  • Nominated for the 2018 Independent Music Awards in NYC for Best Country Album

  • Nominated for the 2019 Josie Music Awards for:

    • Male Modern Country Artist of the Year

    • Male Modern Country Vocalist of the Year

    • Male Modern Country Entertainer of the Year

    • Male Music Video of the Year

"...All Eyes On You is a stellar breakthrough moment for King and, in my opinion, a strong contender for the best country record of 2019."

- Sebastian Cole, gashouseradio.com

"I've listened to some excellent country music in the last few months, but other than this record, i can't recall hearing an LP that was as robustly arranged, nor as jam-packed with substance as Nathan King's latest is."

- Anne Hollister, theindiesource.com

"He's well on his way to penetrating the Nashville hierarchy, and for me, this album is tangible evidence supporting as much."

- Michael Rand, mobangeles.com

"This is an amazing time for country music, and an equally important crossroads for King's young career. If he keeps on the present artistic trajectory that he's been following of the last year, i have no doubt that he's going to enter the primetime spotlight in no time."

-Mindy McCall, indiepulsemusic.com

"This is his best work yet, and it's definitely a worthwhile listen for any country aficionados looking for new music this season."

- Bethany Page, ventsmagazine.com

"All Eyes On You is a definite progression from 'Heaven Tonight'. King has crafted an album that moves him forward as an artist and asserts his place in the contemporary country market... if you like your country with a little more rock in it, then you should definitely add All Eyes On You to your playlists."

-Pip Ellewood-Hughes, entertainment-focus.com

"I've heard it all, I've worked with tons of artists in many different genres, and it's refreshing to hear an artist like Nathan come through the studio monitors. It's fresh, honest, and catchy... a combination that I don't get nearly enough of. From the ground up, his albums were done right. The songs are well-written, recorded, and produced by amazing teams, and I am proud to have had my name associated with his albums"

- producer Robert Venable - mastering engineer for album"Heaven Tonight" - has worked with such artists as Kelly Clarkson, INXS, Megadeth, Twenty One Pilots, Framing Hanley, Scott Stapp, Saturday Night Live, and is currently working with The Kelly Clarkson Show.